One on One Diagnostic and Cumulative Tutoring in English Literacy - Making Sense of the Writing System

  • Depending on your child, this tutoring may be 1, 2 or more days per week at 45 minutes to one hour per session. The price is $75 per session. Sessions are billed at the end of each month. Checks and credit cards accepted.
  • This tutoring may take place within schools, at the agreement of administration and staff, within my office space, or some tutoring is available via video conferencing.
  • If you should have to miss a session, you are welcome to look at my calendar and find an open time to reschedule. No more than 1 reschedule per month. Make-ups are hosted in office.
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Professional Development for Individuals and Districts

  • I offer professional development in the beginner’s understanding of English Orthography and Etymology and utilizing an Inquiry Approach within small AND large group settings.
  • This is an amazing way to teach grammar, spelling and true “word” study with a scientific and historical perspective.
  • If you are interested in professional development opportunities for individuals or groups, call or email.